Jack Daniels

Für unsere Freunde des guten Geschmack`s

jack daniels

One thing I have learned out on the highway in every town there's a friend I'm bound to see we went down to tucson, arizona and ther he was just waitin round for me

thank you lord for jack daniels thank you lord for savin me the only thing that keeps me from the devil is another glass of that good ol tennessee

barkeep won't you poor me another cuz me and the boys are gonna get fucked up tonight you keep em comin my tabs a runnin
and we ain't got nothin better to do except look at the girls and have another drink with you

you can cut me off if you think I had too many cuz tonight they're goin down way to easily been a long time since I seen the face of jesus
but tonight I think he's sittin right here with me.
by Sky King

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